Wishes Fulfilled

On June 30th, 2019, we gathered as a family to disperse Rob’s ashes in Cataract Creek, flowing out of Lake O’Hara, in Yoho National Park, BC. We spent four nights in Field where Rob lived the first 5 years of his life and where he spent every summer afterwards, with his Nana who lived in the same house in Field, for 60 years. We stayed at the fabulous “Truffle Pigs Lodge” in Field. On the morning of June 30th, we shared the many facets of who Rob was to us, complete with tears and laughter, before we left for the river. It was good, sweet, and painful. It was a 1.5 KM walk up the Lake O’Hara private road, to get to the little path alongside Cataract Creek where we dispersed Rob’s ashes. Derek brought his guitar into Cataract Creek, so we could sing; “To the River” together. So Good! After we were done, my Son of Heart said to me; “Well Done, Lorna. You fulfilled Rob’s wishes and got all of us here” It was not a feat that could happen easily, given the 9 hour drive with a 3.5 year old and three babies under one, but it is now complete. The weekend was a tapestry of great beauty. I am grateful that I do not walk this journey alone. It was so good to share this moment together. I am grateful for the years Rob and I had together and for the profound impact he has made on our lives. We bring a part of the legacy Rob lived, onward to the next generation. I see so many wonderful qualities of Rob reflected in the lives of my Daughters. It is good.

The place alongside Cataract Creek where we gathered to remember Rob Rande
The renovated section of the
house, where Rob’s Nana lived for 60 years!
Lupin, in garden’s along the sidewalk in Field, BC
Cataract Creek coming out of Lake O’Hara. Gathered to remember Rob Rande.

The Superintendent’s house in Field, BC
Gathered as a family in Field, BC to remember Rob Rande
The mountains around Field on our first morning there.
The Sunrise on our last day in Field, BC
A bit of sunset on Mount Steven, in Field, the day we arrived.