Hello world! Hello world!

This is a grand new day!

I am very happy with Netclimber’s for building such a beautiful functioning site for me. The training has been fantastic! I am grateful for Diane Askin’s skill and insistence on me finding a site I liked! It was so valuable to ensure we were all on the same wavelength.

In the researching stage, I was delighted to discover Chris Burkard’s site ( and would like to give Chris full credit for the style of my site.

VGH Vancouver, BC Canada

I hope you will find it easy to navigate this new site and will find many things to encourage you on your journey.

Capturing Joy!

We do so much running in our North American culture. We can be so busy with agenda’s and accomplishing tasks. Those little people in our lives grow up so quickly. It is wisdom to invest the gift of our time, to run together in play and discovery.  This was a great day to capture joy.