Singing Sands Beach, PEI

Singing Sands Beach, PEI

Blessings in PEI

My first time to the East Coast of Canada, was in December of 1980, where I was visiting friends in Nova Scotia. I loved being there. The East Coast is laid back, relaxing, and welcoming. Such Lovely People! We drove all over Nova Scotia. I loved Peggy’s Cove and the tall ships in Lunenburg. It was a wonderful trip, even in the winter!

I had always wanted to go back to the East Coast and see Prince Edward Island. I had the joy of participating in a surprise gift, when Earl Anderson, asked me to create some art with their images from a trip to Prince Edward Island, for his wife; Heather. One of their images was from Singing Sands Beach in PEI. It was so beautiful, that it deepened my desire to get to PEI one day.

Photo by Heather and Earl Anderson © 2010

In 2014, my husband; Rob and I were able to go to Rwanda for a month. Ten of those days were with Wellspring Foundation for Education with a fabulous Vision Team of over twenty people, including our amazing tour guide; Jeff Komont! Those were fabulous days, discovering many places and seeing the profound impact Wellspring has made in Rwanda. The images from that trip will have to be in another story!

During our stay we ate in different restaurants, with a wide variety of cuisine. Often we shared those meals gathered around one table. During one of the meals I sat beside Kara Cousins, who was in Rwanda to serve with Wellspring in Kigali, Rwanda, as a journalist. I discovered she was from Prince Edward Island! As she shared about her family and the ministry they were involved in, a dream begin to grow, to one day join her in Prince Edward Island. While we were there in Rwanda for the month, I met with Kara a number of times and discovered we enjoyed similar things and had many passions in common.

My Rob was gathered to glory, after a 20 month fight with terminal cancer, in January of 2016. I was chatting with Kara that winter. She was in PEI, but planning to head back to Rwanda soon. We decided that if I wanted to see Prince Edward Island while she was still there, it needed to be soon! So, with points from Air-miles, in May, of 2016, with excitement and joy, I flew to Prince Edward Island, for two weeks.

Kara was working for a company called “Prince Edward Island Preserves” at the time. Bruce McNaughton; the Owner, and his wife Shirley, also have a respite home in their “Gardens of Hope” made from an old church that they had brought to the property. Their dream was to give those who are dealing with terminal illness, a place of beauty to stay and be restored. The home in the beautiful garden, invites one into peace, quiet and restoration.

Kara had asked if I could stay there and Bruce McNaughton said; “YES”! I told Kara, I would love to stay there, if she would stay with me! Kara had work to do, but she could still work from the respite home. So, God in His profound sovereignty, gave me a holiday in a beautiful place with a beautiful soul, as I began to mourn the loss of my wonderful Rob. What a profound gift!

Gardens of Hope Guesthouse, New Glasgow, PEI

I spent Mother’s Day with Kara and her family. Kara’s Mom; Cindy, said; “Many people come to PEI thinking they can see all of the island while they are here, but they never do, except for Lorna”! It was a stunning trip! Kara helped me see so much of the beauty of her homeland. The “Gardens of Hope” with “Prince Edward Island Preserves”, are in New Glasgow, the center of PEI, so it worked really well to go different directions when we travelled. It was on Mother’s Day, with Kara and Cindy, that I was able to see Singing Sands Beach myself. Thank you; Heather and Earl for introducing it to me!

Singing Sands Beach, Prince Edward Island

Thank you, Kara, for your incredible hospitality and generosity of heart. Thank you for loving beauty and words! Thank you for having the patience to not only drive me everywhere in your little red car, but to wait while I took so many photos!!! It was a phenomenal trip!

The image of Singing Sands Beach, over the fireplace above, is 38.45″ wide by 23.75″ High, and sells for $432.00. If you scroll down to the bottom of my calendar images, you will see the calendar of Prince Edward Island, with more images from that wonderful trip.