To  attend Hutchmoot is to be immersed in kindness. 

The Brothers who founded the Rabbit Room; a gathering of Christian Creatives in the manner of ‘The Inklings Society’, are Andrew Peterson and A. S. (Pete) Peterson. Though they are both creative and leaning toward brilliant, they have created a community impacted by the truth they represent, rather than by showcasing themselves. At the end of the weekend, when Andrew invited us to share what had touched us, he stepped off to the side and sat on the steps to the stage, hidden. There was no way to give statements of impact to Andrew, he was not there! So we spoke to one another. Reflecting afterwards, I realized how often both brothers removed themselves from the spotlight and allowed others to shine! This photo, though not clear, is of both Brothers, sitting off in the shadows on those steps at the side of the stage!

Andrew and A. S. (Pete) Peterson

This was my first Hutchmoot. While there, the 10th anniversary of Hutchmoot was celebrated. 10 years of gathering together have created a community placing value on each person present, no matter what their gifting! Dignity is the word that comes to mind, and that dignity is tangible.

As the weekend began, we were reminded that this place is not our home. Hutchmoot is akin to Rivendell; with comfort, encouragement and blessing poured out over us with phenomenal expressions of creativity. But, we were reminded, this is not where we live. We were encouraged to recognize that we are each woven with the mark, or reflection of the One who created us. “Therefore, return to your own communities and reflect the gift given to you.” Whatever that gift is, it has value. It is a note that no other person can sing.

We were inspired by excellent teaching, had opportunity to purchase the written, illustrative and musical arts of many. We were surrounded by people with rich talent, but the greatest gift was the fellowship, camaraderie, encouragement and blessing that were extended and reciprocated. The sense of each person having equal value was knit throughout the fiber of the entire weekend. When I thanked Andrew for his work that had touched my life profoundly these last 18 months, his response was “you are so kind”.

Interesting, we are back to the beginning; ‘to attend Hutchmoot, is to be immersed in kindness.’ I highly recommend attending, if you can manage to get a spot on registration day!