Purchasing Artistic Imagery

Lorna’s stock photography images are available through DESIGNPICS to a number of prominent stock photography companies. Type “LDR” into the search box to find Lorna’s work.

The Owner of Designpics; Rick Carlson, had the vision to create an on-demand international art site where the general public can order art on-line to furnish their homes. In 2017,  PRINTSCAPES was launched. From this storefront, you can order art in many formats with excellent results.

If you are a person who loves to promote artwork, there is an opportunity to create your own “storefront” page within the PRINTSCAPES site where you can choose the images you would like to represent, then earn a portion of all sales from your storefront. You will see this option if you scroll down to the very bottom of Lorna’s storefront. Lorna Rande