Beacon of Beauty

There was a beautiful house tucked away in a garden estate on 82 avenue in Surrey. Most of it was hidden from the road, but there was a white gate amidst the trees and garden bushes, facing the road, with a lovely arch over top. I would often drive down that road just to behold it.

gate of the property being developed on 82 Ave, Surrey, BC
White Gate from the road

Last night, I was nearby by and wondered about that gate. It had been awhile since I was there. When I drove by, I discovered the house was gone, a big pile of dirt blocked the driveway and big signs foretold of development. The gate was still there, though the arch was missing. With a bit of heartache, I whispered a prayer over the owners; “Lord, You know the story. I pray Your blessing over the owners of this property who blessed our community in taking such good care of their estate, and the little white gate. It was a beacon of beauty.” It is the End of an Era, with this open gate the only reminder of the legacy. It made me think about my own choices and how those choices impact our community. I think that when we do well, the promptings of our heart, it touches lives with a ripple far wider than we may ever know.

An open gate the only reminder of the legacy.


To  attend Hutchmoot is to be immersed in kindness. 

The Brothers who founded the Rabbit Room; a gathering of Christian Creatives in the manner of ‘The Inklings Society’, are Andrew Peterson and A. S. (Pete) Peterson. Though they are both creative and leaning toward brilliant, they have created a community impacted by the truth they represent, rather than by showcasing themselves. At the end of the weekend, when Andrew invited us to share what had touched us, he stepped off to the side and sat on the steps to the stage, hidden. There was no way to give statements of impact to Andrew, he was not there! So we spoke to one another. Reflecting afterwards, I realized how often both brothers removed themselves from the spotlight and allowed others to shine! This photo, though not clear, is of both Brothers, sitting off in the shadows on those steps at the side of the stage!

Andrew and A. S. (Pete) Peterson

This was my first Hutchmoot. While there, the 10th anniversary of Hutchmoot was celebrated. 10 years of gathering together have created a community placing value on each person present, no matter what their gifting! Dignity is the word that comes to mind, and that dignity is tangible.

As the weekend began, we were reminded that this place is not our home. Hutchmoot is akin to Rivendell; with comfort, encouragement and blessing poured out over us with phenomenal expressions of creativity. But, we were reminded, this is not where we live. We were encouraged to recognize that we are each woven with the mark, or reflection of the One who created us. “Therefore, return to your own communities and reflect the gift given to you.” Whatever that gift is, it has value. It is a note that no other person can sing.

We were inspired by excellent teaching, had opportunity to purchase the written, illustrative and musical arts of many. We were surrounded by people with rich talent, but the greatest gift was the fellowship, camaraderie, encouragement and blessing that were extended and reciprocated. The sense of each person having equal value was knit throughout the fiber of the entire weekend. When I thanked Andrew for his work that had touched my life profoundly these last 18 months, his response was “you are so kind”.

Interesting, we are back to the beginning; ‘to attend Hutchmoot, is to be immersed in kindness.’ I highly recommend attending, if you can manage to get a spot on registration day! 

Wishes Fulfilled

On June 30th, 2019, we gathered as a family to disperse Rob’s ashes in Cataract Creek, flowing out of Lake O’Hara, in Yoho National Park, BC. We spent four nights in Field where Rob lived the first 5 years of his life and where he spent every summer afterwards, with his Nana who lived in the same house in Field, for 60 years. We stayed at the fabulous “Truffle Pigs Lodge” in Field. On the morning of June 30th, we shared the many facets of who Rob was to us, complete with tears and laughter, before we left for the river. It was good, sweet, and painful. It was a 1.5 KM walk up the Lake O’Hara private road, to get to the little path alongside Cataract Creek where we dispersed Rob’s ashes. Derek brought his guitar into Cataract Creek, so we could sing; “To the River” together. So Good! After we were done, my Son of Heart said to me; “Well Done, Lorna. You fulfilled Rob’s wishes and got all of us here” It was not a feat that could happen easily, given the 9 hour drive with a 3.5 year old and three babies under one, but it is now complete. The weekend was a tapestry of great beauty. I am grateful that I do not walk this journey alone. It was so good to share this moment together. I am grateful for the years Rob and I had together and for the profound impact he has made on our lives. We bring a part of the legacy Rob lived, onward to the next generation. I see so many wonderful qualities of Rob reflected in the lives of my Daughters. It is good.

The place alongside Cataract Creek where we gathered to remember Rob Rande
The renovated section of the
house, where Rob’s Nana lived for 60 years!
Lupin, in garden’s along the sidewalk in Field, BC
Cataract Creek coming out of Lake O’Hara. Gathered to remember Rob Rande.

The Superintendent’s house in Field, BC
Gathered as a family in Field, BC to remember Rob Rande
The mountains around Field on our first morning there.
The Sunrise on our last day in Field, BC
A bit of sunset on Mount Steven, in Field, the day we arrived.

Ezra Kwizera

What a BLESSING!! I had the honor of photographing Ezra Kwizera and his fabulous Band as they were being recorded for a JOYTV broadcast, on May 29th. The camaraderie in the band, along with their excellent musicianship brought such joy! Ezra’s songs are filled with hope and encouragement. Having been displaced with his family, to a refuge camp after the tragedy in Rwanda in 1994, Ezra knows the depths of difficulty. Yet, Ezra speaks through his music, to the hope seasoned with simple joys, that can nourish the heart in tough times. “Joy Comes In The Morning” testifies to his hope. I have added Ezra’s words to this image; “Shades of Blue” taken before dawn with the light of a full moon, in Kihei, Mau. These words continue to resonate in my heart.

I have linked a rich recording and video of Ezra’s song “Just Hold On” for you. It continues to bless my heart!! Never Give Up ~ Indeed!

Full Moon before Sunrise; Between Kamaole One and Two beaches; Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – April 21
In Concert with Ezra Kwizera and his fabulous Band
Ezra Kwizera and his Brilliant Band
Concert with Ezra Kwizera and Band
Concert with Ezra Kwizera and Band

Kind Words

Kind Words. Words of Life. Hope taken hold of. Gifts, each one, in finding a new path in this journey of grief. Keeping busy does not allow the pain to ebb and flow out. Rather it internalizes the pain which at some point leads to ones body screaming, to alert the brain that there is a problem! Mayhem! So, I am wading through the pain of losing my Rob and finding much to be grateful for in the process! Like Kind Words!

Kamaole Beach One; Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – April 2019

New Life

New life of spring, pushing up through the decaying leaves of winter.

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

This moment of beauty caught at my heart as I witnessed the new life of spring pushing up through the decaying leaves of winter. In the warmth of the spring sunshine, new life pushes up and through the obstacles. What a gift! We too, have the option of pressing onward and upward, facing the obstacles and pushing through to bloom where we are planted. I have been reading the book “But If Not – 588 days of Living with cancer”. It is the blog of Brenda Pue, written during her last days with terminal cancer, and lovingly put into a book by her family. What has impressed me, is that no matter what our circumstances, we can bloom, with whatever days we have, to touch our village with hope, and faith. May you be encouraged as spring unfolds around you!

Legacy Lived


Generations with crazy physical prowess and agility matched with integrity and profound love.

I attended the funeral of a grand man a week ago. A man whose father was a gymnast. This man was marked with Tough Grit, Steel Determination and ‘No Fear’ combined with compassion for the hearts of those he taught. “Be humble when you win, and proud when you loose. Know, that this may be the game, where the opponents are older, tougher and stronger, but you give everything you have anyways! This may be the game when you begin as a boy, and finish as a man”.

Hundreds attended the funeral. Lives touched profoundly by the character and determination of this man, who worked hard for the team to win – accompanied by the medals to match the passion – as baseball coach, soccer coach, dragon boat captain, Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Grandfather. His legacy lives on. Sons marked with the agility and ability to invest in the lives of others, to love deeply and risk much, impacting the generations to come. ‘No Fear’ is being passed down to Grandchildren, who are already taking up the mantle of determination.

Thank you, to those captained and coached by Danny Strain for sharing his impact on your lives. Thank you to the Strain Clan, for sharing the stories and the life, of your Brother, Husband and Father, who lived life large, who fought the fight, bravely, facing each day with courage. The legacy of Daniel Robert Strain lives on.

Each of us have been woven together with gifts. Even if we have not known those who have gone on before us, we each have the option to choose to walk in our skills and abilities. But no matter what inborn talents we have, matching those gifts with fierce love, integrity, tenacity and compassion, impacts our world and creates legacy. May we be torch bearers. May we pass the baton effectively to the next generation.

Field, Yoho National Park

I had the rich joy of visiting the town of Field, in August, where there is a great Rande legacy. Field is in the middle of Yoho National Park and is the place where my late husband, Rob Rande spent the first 5 years of his life. Rob’s Nanna; Signe Rande, lived in the same house in Field for 60 years. (1935-1995) Rob’s Grandfather lived there with her, till his death in the 80’s. From the time Rob was 5, when he moved to Squamish, till Rob was 12, he would spend most of every summer with his Nanna and Poppa in Field. The family then moved to Golden, just a short distance to Field where Rob would visit often.

My Dad also has history in Field. He lived in Albert Canyon and worked on the railway with Gene Rande, Rob’s Uncle! There was such friendship with Gene Rande, that my Dad, named my Brother after Gene Rande! When my Dad was talking about Albert Canyon, Rob told the story of his Grandfather, who was almost killed in Albert Canyon! My Dad remembered the terrible snowstorm and avalanche that Rob spoke of.

Nanna’s house is now owned by Jason and Jessica. They have renovated and built a beautiful guest suite above their new kitchen, called ‘Edgemount Guesthouse’. (The first image below, where I stayed). It was wonderful waking up in the night and seeing the moon over the mountains as Rob would have seen it as a little boy!

We visited ‘The Velvet Antler’; a pottery shop (in the second photo) showcasing the incredible talent of Catherine and Ryan Cameron, and now their daughter Caitlin, as well! It was delightful talking with Catherine Cameron, who was trained at Yoho National Park by Rob’s Mom; Vesta Rande! Vesta worked for Parks Canada in her later years till she retired in the early 90’s. Katherine told of Vesta’s determination to create great Parks Canada Personnel, by taking the time to give excellent training! Rob lived the legacy of the strong work ethic he was given.

The adventures of hiking from Lake O’Hara into Lake Oesa, on August 30th, will be for another blog! For now, I just want to say, it was good for my heart to be in the place where there is such Rande history!


Hello world! Hello world!

This is a grand new day!

I am very happy with Netclimber’s for building such a beautiful functioning site for me. The training has been fantastic! I am grateful for Diane Askin’s skill and insistence on me finding a site I liked! It was so valuable to ensure we were all on the same wavelength.

In the researching stage, I was delighted to discover Chris Burkard’s site ( and would like to give Chris full credit for the style of my site.

VGH Vancouver, BC Canada

I hope you will find it easy to navigate this new site and will find many things to encourage you on your journey.

Capturing Joy!

We do so much running in our North American culture. We can be so busy with agenda’s and accomplishing tasks. Those little people in our lives grow up so quickly. It is wisdom to invest the gift of our time, to run together in play and discovery.  This was a great day to capture joy.