Chesterman Beach

Chesterman Beach, Tofino, BC

It was 1977 when I first went to the west coast of Vancouver Island and camped on Long Beach, outside of Tofino, BC. Having grown up in Vancouver, BC, where we have many beaches, but usually without the fierce weather, (being protected by Vancouver Island), it was exhilarating to experience the wild wind. The full force of the Pacific Ocean can be felt especially in the winter storms that toss logs onto the beach creating new patterns of beauty on the shore. It is a haven for surfers! I went to Long Beach again to camp in 1978. I did not know then, that it would be thirty seven years before I would return.

I was a teenager when I was there in 1977 and 1978. In 2015 I was returning with my Husband, three adult Daughters, two Sons-in-Love, and our first Grandchild, yet to be born. Long Beach is now part of Pacific Rim National Park and camping on the beach is no longer an option! We rented a Chalet in Jensen Bay, just outside of Tofino, lovingly designed and built by the owner; Don Lewin. Chesterman Beach is a ten minute walk from the Chalet that we stayed in.

At that time, my Husband had been fighting terminal cancer for a number of months. Our Oncologist had encouraged us to get away as a family in the remaining time that we had together. It was a profound surprise to discover that a precious friend had put together a crowd funding project to send our family away for that recommended holiday. Enough money was raised to send us to Tofino, for a week.

One morning, during that week, I was up before anyone else and walked to Chesterman Beach. My heart and soul found peace in the beauty of the sun rising through the misty trees over the beach.

What a joy it was to return to this wondrous place as a family. The beauty, adventure, laughter, camaraderie and delight would equip us to walk out those remaining months that we had together. My Husband was gathered to glory, in January of 2016. So many people blessed us with that wonderful holiday. It is a delight to have an image that captures the beauty of their generosity.

The image in this photo is a Di-Sublimation Print (Printed Twice) on Aluminum. It measures 25.5″ Wide by 45.25″ High. The Price is $552.00