Beacon of Beauty

There was a beautiful house tucked away in a garden estate on 82 avenue in Surrey. Most of it was hidden from the road, but there was a white gate amidst the trees and garden bushes, facing the road, with a lovely arch over top. I would often drive down that road just to behold it.

gate of the property being developed on 82 Ave, Surrey, BC
White Gate from the road

Last night, I was nearby by and wondered about that gate. It had been awhile since I was there. When I drove by, I discovered the house was gone, a big pile of dirt blocked the driveway and big signs foretold of development. The gate was still there, though the arch was missing. With a bit of heartache, I whispered a prayer over the owners; “Lord, You know the story. I pray Your blessing over the owners of this property who blessed our community in taking such good care of their estate, and the little white gate. It was a beacon of beauty.” It is the End of an Era, with this open gate the only reminder of the legacy. It made me think about my own choices and how those choices impact our community. I think that when we do well, the promptings of our heart, it touches lives with a ripple far wider than we may ever know.

An open gate the only reminder of the legacy.