Ezra Kwizera

What a BLESSING!! I had the honor of photographing Ezra Kwizera and his fabulous Band as they were being recorded for a JOYTV broadcast, on May 29th. The camaraderie in the band, along with their excellent musicianship brought such joy! Ezra’s songs are filled with hope and encouragement. Having been displaced with his family, to a refuge camp after the tragedy in Rwanda in 1994, Ezra knows the depths of difficulty. Yet, Ezra speaks through his music, to the hope seasoned with simple joys, that can nourish the heart in tough times. “Joy Comes In The Morning” testifies to his hope. I have added Ezra’s words to this image; “Shades of Blue” taken before dawn with the light of a full moon, in Kihei, Mau. These words continue to resonate in my heart.

I have linked a rich recording and video of Ezra’s song “Just Hold On” for you. It continues to bless my heart!! Never Give Up ~ Indeed!

Full Moon before Sunrise; Between Kamaole One and Two beaches; Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – April 21
In Concert with Ezra Kwizera and his fabulous Band
Ezra Kwizera and his Brilliant Band
Concert with Ezra Kwizera and Band
Concert with Ezra Kwizera and Band