New Life

New life of spring, pushing up through the decaying leaves of winter.

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

This moment of beauty caught at my heart as I witnessed the new life of spring pushing up through the decaying leaves of winter. In the warmth of the spring sunshine, new life pushes up and through the obstacles. What a gift! We too, have the option of pressing onward and upward, facing the obstacles and pushing through to bloom where we are planted. I have been reading the book “But If Not – 588 days of Living with cancer”. It is the blog of Brenda Pue, written during her last days with terminal cancer, and lovingly put into a book by her family. What has impressed me, is that no matter what our circumstances, we can bloom, with whatever days we have, to touch our village with hope, and faith. May you be encouraged as spring unfolds around you!