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Wellspring Foundation 2014 Vision Team

10 of our days in Africa were spent with this fantastic group of people where we were able to:
"take the time to understand Rwanda and engage with its people, visit the Wellspring Academy, meet teachers and children in schools where they work, interact with key Rwandan leaders, get out and see the Land of a Thousands Hills, including beautiful Lake Kivu, and give feedback on a bold vision for the future".

It was a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Even knowing one of the founders, Richard Taylor, as well as we did, I still had areas of confusion. The work that Wellspring Foundation is doing through their Teacher Trainers is outstanding!
Here is the Wellspring Foundation 2014 Vision Team:
Vision Team S
(Top Row) : Lorna Rande, Rob Rande, Bernice Hedburg, Kara Cousins, Linda Milke, Sharon Sakakabera, Anne Koblensky, Bob Koblensky, Louise Reilly, Jenny Shantz, Barbara Elgin, Lorena Seggie, Erin Seggie, Chris Seggie, Claudio Morelli.
(Bottom Row) : Jeffrey Komont, Allen Hedburg, Gerry Malnis, Shirley Malnis, Phocas Ngendahayo, Kelly Warkentine, Melissa Affleck, Sherrie Mann, Emily Seggie, Jesse Wood, Angela Seggie, and Richard Taylor