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Prayer Warriors wanted I woke up with horrific stomach pain. Grateful for good friends. Jocelyn called the Doctor she has been blessed with the most and set up an appointment. I am being treated, but still feeling sick.

Wellspring Foundation for Education

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Empowering a New Generation In the matter of Wellspring Foundation, I have learned much while being a part of this years 2014 Vision Team. Directors; Richard Taylor and Jeffrey Komont, with the rest of the team, have shared what Wellspring … Continue reading

The Team is gone

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What an amazing group of people we had the honour and delight of walking with for nine very full days. There was much to learn and experience! We have all come away with hearts impacted and lives changed. Thank you … Continue reading

Elisabethe’s @ Lake Kivu!

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We have learned and learned. Now we have the opportunity to relax at a beautiful place. It has been a great experience. So much to take in on all sides. The drive here was like driving through Golden and Field … Continue reading

History/ Genocide Memorial

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Monday February 10th: What a rich morning sitting in the beautiful gardens around the CLA church in Kigali, listening to a 73 year old professor of history share the story of Rwanda with us. It was inspiring to hear of … Continue reading

Kigali. A work of Art

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Kigali city is quickly becoming a modern city dealing with great change. High rises are being built. The downtown core strikes one as elegant and well planned. The construction going on is in full swing. The paving of roads lined … Continue reading

Meeting the Wellspring Team

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This morning, I had the great honor and joy of meeting the "Wellspring Foundation for Education" Team at their staff meeting. What a blessing to read through Acts 4 together and hear many rich testimonies of the Word as different … Continue reading


Painting on the wall at our Yotel © 2014 Lorna. All rights reserved.

I had heard kLM was  a great airline but was not expecting a hot wash cloth delivered before bed and before breakfast. Excellent service. We arrived safely in Amsterdam with no nausea and a wonderful sleep at the Yotel With … Continue reading

Great Sendoff Team

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We are safely through customs. Sent off by our five wonderful kids after being prayed over and commissioned by Pastor Todd at Sutherland Fellowship in North Vancouver where we attended the Williams church after Angela's family birthday breakfast!! We were … Continue reading


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We are soon on our way to a grand adventure! I hope to be able to post along the way. Thank you for your prayers for safety and strength! It is still a point of awe to be able to … Continue reading