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Nyabisindu’s Volunteer Medical Team

Nyabisindu Team S

I had the great privilege of attending part of a medical seminar for midwives in Kigali. A fantastic team of medical professionals had come from a rural school in Virginia, USA to teach the midwives. It was so good to see our Jocelyn interacting in this highly specialized field with knowledge and experience. While at the gathering, I was able to set up the photo for this excellent team that Jocelyn works with to bring free medical care to the village of Nyabisindu, in Kigali. This is the village within walking distance of the new Iranzi Clinic soon to open on the CLA grounds hopefully by next fall. Till then, Jocelyn and her team have been meeting in a small compound where CLA has a church plant set up with a big white tent. The plan is to continue holding these free clinics even after the medical center opens. For now, Tuesdays are the pre natal clinics, and Thursdays are the post natal clinics. They begin at 10 am and continue till all the Moms are gone. I had the great joy of photographing the Mamma's with their little babies for one of the post natal clinics. I was so blessed by the loving gentle hearts of the volunteer Team! Each one a hero.

This competent team seated are: Erin;Student midwife, Ruth;midwife, Jocelyn;midwife, Jane;nurse/midwife, Ruthie;nurse, Isaac;Community health worker, Isabelle;Doctor. Not shown are: Yolanda;social worker and Julie;chiropractor. Thank you to each one for the profound impact you are making. Yolanda is the one on the right in two of the shots below. For more on Jocelyn's story and perspective on midwifery, you can read this excellent article: http://issuu.com/thedivamagazine/docs/thedivamagazine-issue-3
As well as this fantastic video clip: http://www.convergeworldwide.org/give/200663
Nyabisindu Yolanda

Nyabisindu Ruth Ruthie

Nyabisindu Yolanda Jocelyn