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"To Life" La'Haim. That is how my Rob and I have been toasting each other each day, with coffee/tea, or juice or whatever we are drinking. The reminder that this day we choose "LIFE". Not darkening our day with the unknowns of tomorrow but celebrating what we have each day ~ together! And what could illustrate that more than fresh caught Adams River Sockeye Salmon! Caught on saturday, put in a brine that night, smoked on sunday and ready for eating on Monday (Yesterday)!!! Only because Rob's second protocol of chemo was delayed by one week have we been given this rich extra week of fishing! My very happy Rob has been out on the river everyday catching sockeye to bring home to our house, and hooking sockeye and handing over his rod for our friends and family to land fish to take home! He is my "Catcher-Man" Indeed! It has been a glorious week! As of last night he has been part of 30 fish leaving the beach in 13 days!! What a wonderful gift! Life is good. God is good.
smoked Salmon