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Rob Iranzi 2s
In October of 2008, Rob and I were told to go get our shots for Rwanda, so we would be ready to join the Jelsmas when they arrived in November of 2008 to build a medical wellness centre with Cedar Grove Baptist church along with Christian Life Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda. There were many delays and changes made to the plans. Gods timing is perfect, though it is not what we expect. In April of 2010 I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Three weeks later the Jelsmas were ready to begin the project and have the reinforcing steel placed. The job that Rob had been planning to assist with. Rob did not end up going, he stayed with me through the heavy chemo journey.
Who would have anticipated, that four years later when we were able to go to Rwanda, that the building would still need finishing work, that Wellspring would not need DJ and Rob to work for them... So they were both secunded to Richard Jelsma to help finish the cupboards for all the offices.
What a blessing DJ was especially, as the full three plus weeks were given to help finish Iranzi.
Rob and I were encouraged to participate in the wellspring Foundation 2014 Vision Team, which left fewer days for Rob to help. What a rich joy to come alongside dear friends and see this project come closer to completion.
It was a great joy to have Richard tour us around the building and to see the many creative solutions he found to the many demands for the Clinic. Like the water treatment plant that is on site that will not just be used for filtering toilet water!! As Richard said, "if it has to be there, with the cost involved, let's make sure it can filter ALL the water needed in the clinic." Such wisdom Richard. We are grateful for the way God has led you through all of this.
Iranzi 3

Iranzi 2s