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Doing Better

After two days in a clinic/private hospital run by the 7th day Adventists I am back 'home' to our little apartment!
We are grateful for excellent care... lots of meds to help me get better... a very good price to pay for all of the medical attention... and for prayer during our time there. How rich to be prayed for by the nurses as well as an accountant who comes every morning to pray for all the patients in the clinic... and to be prayed for by you!! Wow! Thank you!
We were able to postpone our trip to the game farm in Akagara by one day (without being charged!!) and will head out tomorrow to go see some African wildlife!! We head home in 5 days!
It has been a rich time. We have learned much. I have many amazing photos! What a joy to capture stories of those who are serving, and those making an impact to bring healing to the people of this beautiful land. It has been a wonderful trip!

  • Diane

    Good to hear you are on the mend – don’t do to much to quickly – praying for you and the rest of you for health and safety. Looking forward to many stories when you all return