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Good Morning Dear Ones!!!

6 am Monday Morning. Lights on. Hot cloth to wash my face. Flying over Europe. Arriving in Amsterdam after breakfast. Falling asleep last night with tears of joy running down my face. I continue to be overwhelmed with the many rich memories and opportunities on our trip. There have been many divine appointments. Beautiful African faces captured. Mammas with babies bundled on backs. Portraits of African women with the courage of life etched in their faces. The joy and delight of children seeing what they looked like, as I snapped another picture after showing them the first. Huddles of faces so eager. More animals taken than ever in my entire life. Trees. Paths. Gates. Lush countryside and gardens in abundance. Green. Green. Green. What a wild variety of hues.
Inspiration and God moments.
There was a chosen - emptying of any demands that I might have - (especially before the safari) that my hands would be ready to receive everything that God wanted me to have. Of course, God has been so faithful. Only He is able to give "exceeding abundantly" beyond anything we could have asked or imagined.

Thank you to the many who joined us in praying. The sense of blessing and encouragement for us and through us, has been profound and humbling. We have come alongside so many amazing people; African and NGO's who are living lives of sacrifice to bring quality education, health services and training as well as creating employment directions and opportunities for vulnerable women. There are many heroes, and many faces and stories to come !!!
It has been rich indeed.

I am coming home with every memory card filled (over 5000 images) with many first cut images already removed!

Even with the two days in hospital, it put us on our Safari for the "Perfect Day" rather than arriving for a half day of torrential downpour and all of the animals taking shelter!

There has been such an affirmation that we have been where we were supposed to be, doing what we were called to be doing!! What a rich gift in more ways than we could ever have anticipated.

God is good.

We are blessed.