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5th Annual ‘Celebration of Life’ ~25% off~ Sale

It is that time of year again... when I remember the way we were loved and cared for 5 years ago. On April 9th, 2010, I went in for 4 units of blood, because half of my blood was gone! Four days later, we found out why. On April 12th, 2010, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were so blessed by the kindness of SO many on that journey. Nine months of being driven to and from Surrey to Vancouver for treatments, meals, prayer, encouraging notes, cards and calls. Thank you! So, from April 9th - 12th my 'Thank you' to our wonderful community is 25% off of everything on my site and in the gallery! It is a delight after the 9 months of heavy treatment and 2 years of maintenance chemo, that I am now 25 months chemo free and in complete remission.

I have an added blessing to extend to you. I have created 5"x7" scripture Art files, in English and French, that can be "printed on demand" as cards from my website! They are the standard size, so you can even frame them. I have priced them below my art price and have even included my award winning images. Enjoy!

I am also creating the option for any of my Art images to be ordered as 5"x7" cards! (Well below the Art price of $18 for a 5x7) They will sell for about 6$ each, including the shipping and handling! (an even better price with 25% off!!) Again, enjoy.

The Art Cards do have to be ordered in sets of 10 per card design. I would suggest finding people to share an order with and then each of you can have a wider variety of cards! I discovered something very fun when I went to order some samples. You can choose a back ground, AND text to go on the inside of the card! So specialized! It is a little complicated. If this helps, you can copy the instructions for when you go through the order.
Select one of the cards. When you click on it, it shows “Folded Cards (5x7)"
You hit the ‘+’ button it will say ‘1’ / Then hit "Check out”
On the next page you will see (below their stock image of a folded card): Two boxes One says; “choose a theme” click it and a drop down menu will show up.
Click “Generic” so that the box says “Generic” then hit the “Select Template” button. Another page will open with horses on different squares. If you scroll down to rows 8,9,10 you will see more neutral backgrounds. Choose one./ (Click where it says: “Choose this template” for the one you want.)

The next page that comes up shows the image you have chosen above Five longer boxes:“Line 1, Line 2 etc” and one shorter box that says “Heading” This is a larger font that is bold. Type what you want it to say like; “Happy Birthday” then type in the verse or greeting you would like in the four longer 'boxes'.
Next, hit the bottom right box titled “Preview”. It will then show you what your card will look like. The front and back on one side and the inside of the card on another side with your text added. You can then cancel the order if you don’t want it, “Cancel” button OR if you want to adjust your choice of words, “Edit”
Or, if it looks like what you want, Hit “Save”. If you hit “Save” another box will appear “by clicking on OK you are approving the design you have just previewed. If you are not satisfied with the preview click Cancel and edit your selections.” proceed as directed.
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